Indoor Playground

Open by appointment only due to private bookings

Please book in advance online or call ahead to avoid disapointment.

Come play in our large, well ventilated 3000 sq ft play area. Fresh air is constantly circulating through our space with our fresh air exchanger.

Our staff cleans & sanitizes the entire playground frequently throughout the day & follows all current Ministry of Health Guidelines.

Check current availability online HERE!

Our indoor playground is open to the public daily. We have a variety of playground equipment & activities that will keep your little ones busy! We have an Infant & Toddler Zone that is just the right size for the smaller children, a large climbing structure that is perfect for kids ages 3 and over, a plasma car race track, climbing wall & obstacle course.


Open by appointment only 8 am-8 pm daily.

Admission (all fees subject to HST)

*New Fees Effective March 1, 2022*

Our 90 minute open play time is available to the public but at this time still requires preregistration on our online booking site. Payment will be collected upon arrival. As of March 1st, 2022, we will NO LONGER be sending invoices for pre-payment of Playground fees.
If you do not see a time that works for you, please submit an open play request in our online booking software. Please note open play is subject to reschedule or cancellation depending on staff availability. A Maximum of 20 families will be allowed in the playground during each Open Play session. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this new way of operating as restrictions begin to loosen.

Children $12.50 each * 1 adult OR 1 infant included with each PAID child!

Siblings: $9.50 each

Extra adult/infant: $6.25

Check current availability

Our newly added Rock Wall is sure to please older kiddos!

Play Dates!

Looking for a way to get the kids socializing safely with others of similar ages? We know it’s been hard staying home & staying safe. Now you can sign up for our play dates to have an opportunity for you & the kids to interact with other kids.

Play dates are grouped by age to facilitate similar aged children socializing but children outside of these ranges are also welcome.

Sessions last for 90 min of playtime. Our regular admission rates apply: $12.50 per child (1-12), $9.50 for siblings and $6.25 for additional adults or infants.

Click here to register for our baby & toddler play date!

Click here to register for our homeschooling play date!

Admission Packages ~ Valid for Open Play use

Sand Dollar Package (5 visits)
Ages 1-12 – 5 visit package – $50

Sibling – 5 visit package – $40
Extra Adults & infants – 5 visit package – $25

Starfish Package (10 visits)
Ages 1-12 – 10 visit package – $95

Sibling – 10 visit package – $75
Extra Adults & infants – 10 visit package – $45