As moms ourselves we find self care one of the biggest challenges. How often do you put yourself first? We found so often we were putting the needs of our family and work life first and not prioritizing our own needs.

One of the ways we discovered we could help moms like us and others with infants and young children would be to offer wellness services with the option to bring your kids with you. While we have and still do treat clients with children in the room when necessary, we found it was much easier for moms to relax when they knew that their children were close by but being supervised by an ECE!

Our staff, including our ECEs, are kind and compassionate. They are able to make infants and children feel instantly comfortable in the space and enjoy their time while you sneak off and enjoy yours! When your kids are in our care, you are able to let us know your comfort level. Many of our clients want to know any time their little ones are upset, but others let us know that they need a break and we assure them we will comfort their child during their session so they can focus on their own self care.

Pricing during your session is just $5/child per hour. If you’re booking a stand alone appointment in conjunction with booking Coworking Space or have an appointment elsewhere onsite, we charge $10/hr per child. We do round up to the next hour in order to keep charges simplified.

Our childminding program is open to children of all ages from birth to 12 years old

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What do the kids do during childminding?

Our ECEs come up with age appropriate activities to keep your little ones busy while you enjoy some time to yourself. They have access to our entire 3000 sq ft indoor playground including a toddler zone, 2-story climbing structure, interactive floor games, ball pit & car racetrack. There are some toys and creative play areas to inspire their imagination as well. We often have a craft or activity set up that they can participate in. There are egg chairs and other calming activities the ECEs can offer as well if your child is feeling upset or overwhelmed. For the most part, the ECEs get to play all day and holding babies is the best part of their job!