Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We have listed frequently asked questions below for your convenience.

Does the childminding cost extra?

Yes, we provide quality care from trained professionals. We ask that you contribute a $5/hr fee per child during your treatments.

Is there an age limit for childminding?

No, we happily watch children of any age. We provide an online intake form so that our staff may be prepared for the number and ages of children in our care.

Can I drop my kids off to play?

Unfortunately unless your children are enrolled in one of our pd day or summer camps we ask that you remain on site.

Can we bring our own food?

You are able to bring your own food, however we ask that all food be consumed within our café area. We will only allow closed containers into our playground area. All drink containers must also have a lid. We are also a NUT-FREE environment, so please do not bring any products that contain nuts or nut-butters into our building. 

If I don’t have an appointment in your wellness clinic, are we still able to use your playground?

Absolutely! Our indoor playground is open to the public daily. For more information about our indoor playground click here

Feel free to contact us if you still have questions!
519-208-7529 or rechargeandplay@gmail.com