Ashley Pickett

Ashley Pickett

Ashley Pickett is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Doula, Infant Sleep Educator, Babywearing Instructor, and Parent Coach. Her absolute passion is in helping families find targeted and practical solutions to their uniquely defined goals around feeding, sleep and parenting. And, at the same time, finding ways for the grown-ups to feel rested and find gratitude in the journey.

She has had the privilege of training with the best of the best – Dr Jack Newman ( She also has worked hard to cross-train in the fields of infant feeding, attachment-focused parenting, labour and birth, infant mental health, and developmentally normal infant sleep.

Her main role is working as an IBCLC (lactation consultant), which started in 2008 after her own breastfeeding journey with her three amazing kids. They’re great – but were NOT great breast feeders! She experienced it all… and it was only the help she received at the Newman Clinic in Toronto that helped her nurse for many years. So of course, when her youngest was just 4 months old, she enrolled as a student at the International Breastfeeding Center, and have been privileged to have more than 12 years of direct mentorship with Dr Jack Newman. She loves The IBC and still work there!

She can help with any breastfeeding or parenting challenge and does specialize in a few areas:

• Tethered Oral Tissues (TOT’s) such as tongue tie and lip tie, and how to identify, support and habilitate families experiencing tongue tied babies.

• Attachment-centered parenting support. She helps parents find their very best outcomes for their children’s connected needs (sleep, feeding and behavior) in a way that honors the needs of the whole family.

• Navigating T1 and T2 diabetes in pregnancy and feeding. As a Type 1 Diabetic, she feels very connected to helping others with this.

Typically, people who visit her need support with:

• Breastfeeding – sore nipples, tongue tie, milk supply, not yet latching babies, induced lactation, weaning, and more.

• BottleFeeding – baby led bottle feeding, difficult transitions to bottles, weaning.

• BabyLed Weaning / Introducing Solid Foods

• Infant sleep solutions (attachment-focused)

• Parenting strategies – siblings, attachment and connected parenting, hitting, biting, new babysitters, daycare and starting school, potty training, tantrums, food battles, and more!

When you need help, she will share her experience and be there for your family. Although she doesn’t (always) have a magic wand, she does have the drive to help you feel confident, supported and loved through your postpartum and parenting experience.

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